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How to check in visitors using a mobile device
check in with mobile

How to check in visitors using a mobile device

Checking attendees into an event can be achieved through one of three different methods. Below is a list of methods you can use. It is recommended to consider the amount of people attending, as well as the resources you have available.

  1. Print out list

    From your admin account with PriorBooking, you can access the list of ticket holders attending the event. This can then be printed and used as a manual check-in sheet. This prevents the need of any external device but may be frustrating for those checking in, if the process is slow.
  2. Admin Check in

    Another manual process is where you have your admin account open on a computer, laptop or tablet at the check in point. This is similar to a print out list but it gives you more security against anyone fraudulently printing multiple tickets.

  3. Scanning the ticket QR code via mobile (Recommended)

    This is the recommended process for a number of reasons. It allows you to have multiple people checking in guests at different access points into the event. Due to this being done through mobile, there is no possibility for photocopied duplicates to be used for entry. Access cannot be permitted twice using the same QR code. As the event organiser, you can issue a code to those checking in attendees, which is inputted to the device used for ticket scanning. This means all your Priorbooking account information is kept confidential.

Below are two info-graphics to help walk you through the process of finding the event code and the process of checking in via mobile.

This infographic shows you how to access the code that you need to give to anyone checking in with their mobile:

Prior Booking Mobile Check In Setup

This shows you how to set up a mobile phone to scan attendee's tickets:

Prior Booking Mobile Check In

It is important to remember that in order to access the tickets from the QR code, you need access to either mobile data or a stable WiFi connection. Also, make sure that all mobile phones have sufficient battery life or access to mains charging.

Mobile provides an easy and secure method for checking in your attendees. Take further advantage of Priorbooking's features by becoming a partner. Learn more HERE

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