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Creating tickets for a standard event on one day with one ticket type

If you are holding an event that is on a single date and time, with only one ticket available for entrance (no differential for Stalls and Circle or Standing or Seating) then this guide will help you through the process. allows for ticket creation for all types of ticketing scenarios. In order to do this, each ticket needs a 'type'. Each ticket type can have multiple rates / prices / concessions.

When you arrive at the ticket creation page this is what you do:

Ticket name 

This will default to 'Standard Ticket'. You can rename this - some people like to name it as the name of the event.

You will need to set the total number of tickets you want to be available for the event. You can come back at anytime and increase or reduce this number.


Name your first ticket rate. An examples might be:

  • Full Price
  • General Admittance
  • Adult
  • VIP

You can now add another rate (if required) for concessions. Examples may be:

  • Child
  • Senior
  • Student

When this is published, it will show the purchaser to add as many full price and concession tickets to their basket as they want.

If you are setting up the event during working hours, please call the office for help on 01332 477575. 

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