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Create tickets for customers who pay you in cash, cheque or BACS

It is possible that not all your tickets will be sold to people buying online. In the run up to a concert, you may have people sending in cheques or handing over cash.

If you are selling some tickets with us online, you can use the same system to create and send tickets to your cash purchasers.

The benefits to this are:

  • Save time in creating other tickets in MSWord or some other program
  • Look really professional to your customers by having a full eTicket sent to their inbox
  • Have all your customers using the same system meaning one single check in process 

To create a ticket for a cash customer, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to My Events and then click the 'issue tickets' below the event
  3. Add the quantity of tickets you want and select 'issue tickets paid for externally'
  4. Enter the email address of the purchaser and any message you want to be sent in the email
  5. Click terms and Conditions box 
  6. Add any extra information required with your tickets 
  7. You can add the recipients postal address if you have it, or alternatively use your own (nothing is posted to them)
  8. Click 'Create and Send Tickets'

There is absolutely no cost to any of this. No ticket booking fees or charges and no payment processing fees.

You can use the same system to issue complimentary tickets - simply click 'issue complimentary tickets' instead of 'Issue tickets paid for externally' and follow the other steps.

If you are stuck and need some help or want to to talk to us about any part of this, just give us a call on 01332 477575. 

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